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Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The best gel memory foam mattresses combine the best of two amazing sleep technologies to deliver to you the best night’s rest you’ve had since you were a baby—maybe even better. Memory foam molds to the body and eases those nasty pressure points that leave you tired and sore in the morning, and gel cools you off, so you won’t feel packed in a pressure cooker all night.

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam was developed by NASA—you’re literally getting the same comfort designed for astronauts during liftoff! At the time, astronauts were complaining about the uncomfortable chairs they were strapped into as they were pushed backwards into their chairs as they rocketed forward. NASA wanted something that made them comfortable and also kept them healthy. They developed memory foam.

Memory foam is supportive, responding to the pressure you put on it with a matching pressure so you conform to its shape. You’re supported at every point of your body, not just at your hip bone and your knees, but equal support throughout your entire body.

Denser than a regular mattress, a memory foam mattress is heavier but makes up for it with comfort.

What are the benefits of memory foam mattresses?

Eases pressure points

Memory foam conforms to your body, taking the pain off of pressure points. This not only helps relieve joint pain, but it also reduces the development of, and discomfort of, bedsores.

Less motion

Unlike a spring mattress where you feel every jiggle when your sleeping partner or your pet moves on the bed, a memory foam mattress absorbs that movement so you’re not disturbed as you sleep. You won’t wake up if someone comes to bed late or rolls over in the middle of the night.

Works with adjustable beds

Memory foam beds are perfect for an adjustable bed base because they’re so flexible and made to adapt to different movements. When you raise your head or feet there won’t be a problem—that’s not a claim the spring mattress can make.

What is a gel memory foam mattress?

Gel-infused memory foam is a memory foam mattress that has been filled with gel microbeads. These microbeads give the bed a breathable nature, helping you to stay cool when you sleep. You may have tried a memory foam bed before and woke up sweating because it conformed so well to your body; with a gel memory foam mattress you’ll stay cool and dry.

What are the benefits of a gel memory foam mattress?

While a gel memory foam mattress has all the benefits mentioned above for a memory foam mattress, including easing pressure points, reducing motion, and accommodating an adjustable bed it also provides:

Heat dispersion

Unlike a traditional memory foam mattress that gives you a hot, sticky feeling, a gel memory foam mattress wicks away the heat from your body and keeps you cool and comfortable all night.


The best gel memory foam mattresses won’t sag in the middle, leaving that permanent indent like you get with a spring mattress or a poor quality foam mattress. Even one of the best budget gel memory foam mattresses will last you many years in perfect, like-new condition.

Gel memory foam mattress

CertiPur-US Certified!

Our Mattresses are certified Flexible polyurethane foam. Meaning that our Mattresses have been tested to meet the rigorous standards for emissons, content, performance, and durability. Specifically, the foam is: Made without ozone deleters. Made without PBGDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants!


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