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Can I Use an App to Adjust My Bed Frame?

Forget everything you thought you knew about adjustable beds.


Adjustable Bed Frames Have Come a Long Way

The image that a lot of people have in their heads about adjustable beds is of a hospital bed: a bed that can raise up your head or your feet, folding in the middle, and controlled with a paddle on a long thick cord. 

That is nothing like a modern adjustable bed.

Okay, the concept is the same: an adjustable bed is designed to lift your body in certain ways to make you more comfortable and to help you get in and out of bed, and to help you sleep, but that’s where the similarities end. 

For starters, modern adjustable beds actually are comfortable. It’s not just about lifting your head or your feet in a V--it’s about moving with the contours of your body. Instead of just lifting the upper half of your body, adjustable beds can lift your head as well so that you don’t need to prop yourself up on several pillows to talk to people in the room, or to read a book, or to watch TV. You won’t get that feeling that you’re always looking down your nose at everything because you’re on a flat backboard. You’ll be propped up and positioned in just the right way. The same thing goes for your feet: you don’t just bed at the waist, but also at the knees. The adjustable bed elevates your feet in a way that feels natural.

The beds also don’t leave your room looking like a hospital room: instead of just lifting your head and leaving a big space between you and the headboard, modern adjustable beds will move to hug the wall so that your bed will always feel connected to the headboard, and your bedroom will never have that unsightly mechanical gap exposed. 

And the technology? It’s coming forward in leaps and bounds. Not only can you get a better motor installed depending on your tastes (either one with more power or one that is silent--or a combination of the two) but you can also get modern advances like USB plug-ins in the bed frame. No need to bend and stretch to get to the electrical outlet to charge your device; you can just plug right into the power supply of the bed in easy reach of your hand.

But the biggest innovation to come lately to adjustable beds is the fact that you can get the bed frame connected wireless to an app on your phone. That’s right: no need to have that paddle with the thick cord to control your bed. No looking for a missing remote control. You simply use your phone, that you always have with you anyway.  

Control Your Adjustable Bed Frame with Your Phone

Controlling your adjustable bed frame has never been easier than with the use of an app on your phone. There are many different apps available from different manufacturers, but they’re all easy and intuitive to use. And you can download them the same way you get every app: from Google Play or the iOS App Store.

Most apps have a simple interface that shows you the side view of your bed, showing each articulated part and showing how they can all move. With easy large buttons you can move each part up and down, back and forth. It’s remarkably easy.

But the advanced features are where it really shines. Set a timer on your phone and it will ease you into waking up by gently and slowly raising your body. Set specific positions that are defaults: once you find that perfect sleep position, you can save it and then just tell your phone to take you back to that perfect spot every night. The same can be done for the perfect reading position, or the perfect TV-watching position. 

If your bed has massage features you can control those from your phone, changing the intensity and mode of the massage as the bed allows. You can even set an alarm to wake you in the morning with a massage!

When it comes to modern day adjustable beds, you really can’t go wrong with a phone app. Just as you’d never go back to a regular bed after using an adjustable, you’ll never go back to a conventional control after using the app. 

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