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Adjustable Bed Frames and Bases

Best Adjustable Mattresses

There are a lot of adjustable mattresses out there--so many that it may be hard to tell the difference between the many options and decide which is right for you. What makes the mattress comfortable? What should you look for in an adjustable base? What features does an adjustable bed offer? It can seem daunting to make the right purchase decision, so we’ve broken it down into a few simple categories:

Best Adjustable Bed Frame

If you’re just looking for a bed to keep you from snoring, then maybe all that you need is something that will elevate your head while you sleep, allowing for you and your partner to get a full night’s sleep uninterrupted by the sound of sawing logs.

If you’re bed bound, or merely find your bed the most comfortable place in the house and use it for daily as well as nightly activities, you’ll want the latest and greatest features and options, such as the ability to control your bed’s position, vibration, and headrest via controls on your phone. Yes, the world of adjustable beds has gone digital, and just like everything else in your life, you can control your bed with a swipe of your iPhone or Android.

And if you’re stuck in a bed due to an inability to move around freely, adjustable beds are designed to help you get perfectly comfortable while you’re in them, but then position you in an ideal place from which you can stand up and get out of bed, all without putting too much strain on your body.

These aren’t old-fashioned hospital beds--they’re the next generation of bed technology and they move in every which way to keep you comfortable, cozy, and connected.

What’s the Best Mattress for an Adjustable Bed?

This depends on how big your bed is, if you’re sharing it, and what you’re planning to use it for. But at Dynasty Mattress we’re committed to giving you a full night’s sleep that will be more than you could get from other retailers. For starters, our mattresses are a step above the competition: we present you with the Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

The best gel memory foam mattresses combine the best of two amazing sleep technologies to deliver to you the best night’s rest you’ve had since you were a baby—maybe even better. Memory foam molds to the body and eases those nasty pressure points that leave you tired and sore in the morning, and gel cools you off, so you won’t feel packed in a pressure cooker all night.

If you’re sleeping alone, then you’re all set, but if you’re sleeping with a partner, you can get an adjustable queen or king that splits down the middle to provide you and your partner with the exact sleep--or sitting up--position that you’re looking for. If one of you snores, adjust their side. If one wants to sleep while the other stays up and reads, we can make that work, too.

Come and check out our wide selection of mattresses and adjustable bed frames today.

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Our Mattresses are certified Flexible polyurethane foam. Meaning that our Mattresses has been tested to meet the rigorous standards for emissons, content, performance, and durability. Specifically, the foam is: Made without ozone deleters. Made without PBGDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants!


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