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What Is a Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

It’s hard to believe what we as humans used to sleep on, considering the options available to us now. In recent years, we have learned more and more about the importance of sleep. Even the National Institutes of Health published a study in 2018 entitled, “The Extraordinary Importance of Sleep” that covered its benefits and the harm that inadequate sleep can inflict on a person. At this point, there’s no reason to place sleep anywhere other than near the top of our daily priorities list. We need good, sound sleep as often as possible to live healthy lives. 


Fortunately, mattress technology has been advancing quickly, and these days we have more options for bedding than ever before. One of the latest innovations is the gel memory foam mattress, and it’s taking the sleep market by storm. Dynasty Mattress offers a wide range of choices within our gel memory foam mattress collection, and we’d like to explain what this new option for sleep is about below.





The Gel Memory Foam Mattress Explained


For generations, people slept on mattresses that were comprised basically of wood and metal springs surrounded by different types and layers of padding. These mattresses were comfortable – for a while, at least – but over time those springs started to wear out, that wood started to fail and crack and creak and the mattress itself began to lose its structural integrity. This created a lot of discomfort for people who were sleeping on uneven mattresses, mattresses with hard spots and sink spots and the like. 


It was in response to this problem that people were having that the concept of memory foam came about. Memory foam is basically a form of polyurethane, but other chemicals are included in it to increase its viscosity. You can also find polyurethane in items such as couches and car seats, but it was new to the mattress market. There were several differences between memory foam and traditional mattresses, including:


  • No springs
  • No wooden frame
  • Form-fitting capabilities
  • Return to form after sleep is over


Basically, memory foam conformed to the body’s shapes and curves and eliminated things like pressure points that people were enduring with older mattresses. If you had a bad back, for instance, you didn’t have to worry about finding a “soft spot” on the memory foam mattress – you simply laid down and the mattress formed around you. While this was hailed as an enormous step in the right direction in the sleep industry, there was still one problem that people were experiencing with memory foam mattresses: People got hot sleeping in them.


Once again, necessity became the mother of invention, as the saying goes. Before too long, gel was introduced to the memory foam mattress, and the purpose was simply to keep the mattresses cooler. Adding the cooling gel to the memory foam mattress completed another big step in the right direction. Now, people could sleep comfortably without getting too hot at night. The gel memory foam mattress became the new standard on the market.


How Long Does a Gel Memory Foam Mattress Last?


The next question people ask, often when searching for the best memory foam gel mattress or, more specifically, the best budget gel memory foam mattress, involves how long they last. Clearly, all the advancement in the world is not worthwhile for many if you have to replace that gel memory foam mattress every year or two. Overall, these new mattresses are not more expensive than the traditional innerspring mattresses or hybrids, but those older models tended to last several years and in many cases up to a decade.


Obviously, every gel memory foam mattress is different, and every model is different. In addition, people tend to care for their mattresses with varying degrees of diligence. However, if someone purchases a mid-market gel memory foam mattress in terms of price and takes reasonable care of it by keeping it clean and the like, there’s no reason to think that it can’t last just as long as those traditional models before it’s time to look for a replacement. Therefore, the best budget gel memory foam mattress is going to involve the about the same level of investment as a more traditional model. 





One Final Benefit of the Gel Memory Foam Mattress


In addition to all the sleep benefits you get with your gel memory foam mattress, there is one final benefit that may be the biggest of all, at least for the planet: They are much more environmentally friendly than traditional mattress models. For decades, landfills were stuffed with old mattresses, tattered and spilling stuffing, springs and rotting wood, and they took up a lot of space and created a lot of problems. 


These newer gel memory foam mattress models make much less of an impact on the planet after people are done using them. While that may not directly help a person sleep more or better, it may provide an added level of comfort when they settle in for the night, knowing that they’re not going to be adding to a landfill someday. Given the current state of things, that’s an important factor for a lot of people.



How Dynasty Mattress Can Help


If you’re ready to learn firsthand what a gel memory foam mattress can do for you, Dynasty Mattress is ready to help. We’ve been manufacturing and offering our products for over a decade, and we have been seen as innovators in the industry since the day we opened our doors. Our CoolBreeze™ Gel Memory Foam Mattresses revolutionized the industry given the cool night’s sleep they offer, and we will always pledge to provide our customers with high-quality products without charging premium prices. 


We invite you to take a look at what we have in our inventory to find the best fit for your sleeping needs. We’re sure you’ll be happy with your selection, and we are proud of our high level of customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at any time.

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