What is the Best Adjustable Bed?

Adjustable beds

What is the Best Adjustable Bed?

There are six criterias to consider when choosing the best adjustable bed:

  • Independent pillow tilt
  • programmable memory positions
  • wall hugging
  • lumbar support
  • Dual Massage
  • furniture-style decking.

Pillow tilt is essential, as it provides neck support for reading, TV watching, and conversation. Programmable memory positions make it possible to have the same comfortable experience every time you’re in your bed—once you find that perfect position you want to be able to return to it! Wall hugging refers to the position of the bed as it tilts; will you still be able to reach your nightstand and lamp once you’ve adjusted the bed? Lumbar support is important in any sitting scenario, from your bed to your car, as it maintains proper posture and keeps your back free from pain. Dual Massage is definitely a must have in your adjustable base with multiple timers and intensities  And finally, furniture-style decking is the icing on the cake as it makes your bed look like a part of your home and not a hospital appliance.


The best high-end beds have special features like lumbar support and elevation lift, which are crucial for people with health issues, such as immobility, back or bone issues, and acid reflux. People who don’t necessarily have health concerns, but who are seeking a better night’s sleep from an adjustable bed will want things like pillow tilting, wall hugging and customizable memory positions. (Most adjustable beds don’t have pillow tilting, just foot and head tilt. Pillow tilt ensures that your head is properly support in an upright position without the need for additional pillows. It enables sitting up, watching TV, reading a book, having a conversation, or using an iPad or laptop.)

The best adjustable beds have programming that is more than a simple ‘up’ or ‘down’. The very best adjustable beds have controls that you can set for reading, for sleeping, for lounging, etc. Once you find a position that you like, you can lock it in and always return to it. No more struggling to find that perfect spot.

Wall hugging is not something that you may think of at first when choosing an adjustable bed, but it makes a big difference. When a bed hugs the wall, that means that the mattress does not simply raise up, but it also moves back, so that the top of the bed is always snugly against the headboard. Aside from the aesthetic look, it’s very useful if you want to be able to reach your side table, turn your lights on and off, or grab your book/remote/laptop.

There are many more features that are available in a top-of-the-line adjustable bed. You may not expect a bed to be Bluetooth-enabled, but if you can control your bed’s settings with the ease of your smartphone, instead of requiring a separate remote, then that’s one less thing to worry about—one less thing to lose in your blankets! Also, the best adjustable beds have electronics built in: AC outlets so that you don’t have to climb behind your bed to plug something in, and even USB ports to charge your devices.


Additionally, some adjustable beds come with massage features, with varying intensity levels, and targeted locations: get a neck massage, or a foot massage, or a whole-body option. Set an alarm to wake you up with a gentle massage , or by having your bed raise you from your sleeping position into a more sitted, wakeful rest.

Finally, the best adjustable beds have under-bed night lights, so that you’ll never lose track of how far you are from the floor, no matter how you’ve adjusted your elevation. Getting out of bed is safe and easy in the middle of the night with a well-lit floor.

Shop for the best adjustable bed today with Dynasty Mattress available. We have beds to meet all of these criteria, at every price level and with many options and features. For more information about why the DM9000s is the best adjustable base on the market, click here!

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