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What to Look for in a Memory Foam RV Mattress

Thomas Nguyen

What to Look for in a Memory Foam RV Mattress


An RV isn't just something that can get you from A to B -- it's your home away from home. But when you have an uncomfortable mattress in your RV, it can make it feel like you'll never get a good night's rest while you're on the road.


That's because most RV companies believe that a mattress is some kind of secondary concern compared to the vehicle and storage space itself. But when you're spending up to eight hours a day in that bed each night, it can have you wondering why you're putting up with such an uncomfortable mattress in the first place. 


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A better bed isn't just about sleep, it's also about getting a good night's rest and being able to enjoy the day. When you're fully rested, you'll be able to tackle each day with the same vigor that you had when you planned the trip in the first place, and that can mean a better overall experience. 


Why Memory Foam?


The secret to a modern memory foam mattress is that for the cost of a night or two in a hotel, you can have a comfortable memory foam RV mattress that can make you love sleeping in your RV's bed again. If you have a memory foam bed or topper at home, you know how comfortable memory foam can be. And unlike the cheap springy mattresses or hard foam that you'll find in a typical RV, they're actually supportive and can give you a great night's sleep throughout your entire trip.


Furthermore, a memory foam RV mattress is ideal for the cramped spaces of most RV sleeping quarters because, for their size, they're much more comfortable than any other type of mattress. Some RV makes and models come with mattresses so uncomfortable that they belong more in the trash than under your tired, aching body.


Memory foam mattresses are also much lighter than traditional mattresses, which makes them easy to add to any RV, no matter the make and model. 


As an alternative to a memory foam RV mattress, you may also want to consider a memory foam topper that you lay on top of your existing bed. You won't be able to get away with this on a truly uncomfortable bed, but if your bed is passable, a topper could get you the rest of the way there from a comfort level.


Memory Foam for That Plush Feel


When it comes to your nighttime comfort, a memory foam mattress is the ideal mattress for your RV. In addition to being cheaper and lighter, a memory foam mattress is much more comfortable and provides a plusher feel than those expensive traditional mattresses that are filled with heavy coils and other stuff that you may not need on the road. 


But compared to cheaper foam mattresses, a memory foam mattress is an ideal RV mattress because it's actually made of two different types of foam -- one for comfort and the other for support. Unless it's a thinner topper, a memory foam mattress typically has a support foam layer under that plush memory foam, and that will help hold your body and give your back proper support during those long nights on the road.


That's why an RV mattress made for the job will be more comfortable day in and night out. Part of it supports your body while the other half dials up the comfort so that you can actually feel comfortable enough to get a good night's rest. In the morning, you'll be thankful that the supportive foam didn't cause any kinks in your back or your neck -- because there's all that driving to do today!


Beyond the plush test, this is why you should be shopping for an RV mattress that won't let you down in the middle of the night. You might save some money on that inexpensive topper, but after a few nights you'll be wishing you paid for the best RV memory foam mattress you can get. 


Another thing to be on the lookout for are those moderately sized memory foam RV mattresses that may only be a few inches in height. Many won't have a support layer at all, but if they do, either the support layer or the plush memory foam may be too thin to be effective, leading to an uncomfortable sleep or issues with support and the eventual back and neck problems that can develop.


Buy Quality. Not the cheapest mattress you find.


Even though memory foam RV mattresses are much cheaper than traditional mattresses, some people may push their luck and try to obtain the cheapest memory foam mattress that they can find. But, ideally, you want a quality memory foam mattress to rest you head each night because memory foam works different from support foam. A 2-4 pound memory foam is widely regarded as sufficient for support and comfort, while anything lower may not be supportive enough and anything higher may have too dense of a feel. 


On the thickness end, you'll want the thickest memory foam mattress that you can afford. Thicker means more supportive and plush comfort, and a thicker RV mattress will also give you a better night's sleep when you're out on the road. 


Some cheaper memory foam RV mattresses may lack a heavy-duty cover, which, over time, can lead to damage and other issues with your memory foam mattress, even if you're not using it that much. A good cover will allow you to access the memory foam inside if you need it, but the cover will keep the integrity of the mattress intact during the time that it's in service. 


Another quality indicator is the cool gel infusion in more modern memory foam RV mattresses. Since it can get warm out on the road without all that insulation like you'd find in a typical home, a gel-infused memory foam RV mattress can help you sleep more comfortably and stay cooler for longer during the night, and that can help you get a better night's rest.




Here at Dynasty Mattress, we believe that you shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort when you're sleeping on the road. That's why we make comfortable memory foam RV mattresses in every size -- even hard to find RV-specific sizes -- so that you can get the most out of each night's rest. Shop our RV mattresses here.


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