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2" Thick Cooling Gel Memory Foam, FIRM


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Vacuum Sealed, Compressed and wrapped with a dual layer of heavy duty plastic, then rolled neatly into a small box! For Easy Shipping!

30 Year Limited Warranty
30 Year Limited Warranty

Enjoy sleeping knowing that we got you covered with our honest 30 year limited Warranty

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In Business for 13+ years

One of the oldest mattress companies comparing to other name brands who are only half our age and experience. We were founded in 2007 with a single mission to bring quality to all.

Certi-Pur US Certified!
Certi-Pur US Certified!

The CertiPUR-US ® program is a testing, analysis and certification program for flexible polyurethane foam

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

Delivers in one day or 3 days on most locations

Product Specifics

  • 2" Inches of Gel Memory Foam
  • 4 Corner straps to secure overlay to the mattress
  • Washable Stretch Knit Cover
  • Comfort Rating: Firm Support
  • Allergen-Resistent
  • Luxurious High Quality Cover
  • Dust-mite Resistent
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • FREE Shipping

Product Dimensions in Inches W"x L" x H"

Size: Dimensions Package Dimensions Weight
King: 76" x 80" 42" x 22" x 22" 120 lbs
Queen: 60" x 80" 64" x 16" x 16" 100 lbs
Full: 54" x 74" 58" x 15" x 15" 65 lbs
Twin XL: 38" x 80" 42" x 16" x 16" 50 lbs
Twin: 38" x 74" 42" x 15" x 15" 58 lbs
Split CalKing: 72" x 84" 40" x 15" x 15" (x2 pieces) 50 lbs
RV Queen: 60" x 75" 63" x 14" x 14" 60 lbs

Introducing our Brand NEW Dynasty Mattress High Quality GEL Memory Foam Toppers! Enhance your current mattress with the advanced cooling technology of the DynastyMattress CoolBreeze Gel Mattress Topper. The 2"-inch thick topper (FIRM) and the 3.5"-inch thick topper (SOFT) features Gel Memory Foam with 4 corner-straps to secure overlay to mattress, a contouring foam that offers supreme breathe ability and draws heat away from your body. A layer of cooling gel technology adjusts to your body temperature throughout the night to keep you cool, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed. Upgrade an old mattress simply by placing this comfortable accessory on top - your mattress will feel good as new! Four way zipped cover, removable and is easily washable. Use the quality mattress topper for bedrooms, guest rooms, campers, or dorms. 5 year warranty!

WARRANTY: 30 Year Limited Warranty! You may return the mattress for any reason within 30 days.

"High-Quality Mattresses for a Very Reasonable Price"

Average of 3 Major Online Companies

Average of 3 local
Retail Stores


≈ $ 329

≈ $ 925

≈ $1679


≈ $ 429

≈ $ 1281

≈ $ 2122


≈ $ 349

≈ $ 1063

≈ $ 1947


≈ $ 319

≈ $ 963

≈ $ 1856

Twin XL:

≈ $ 299

≈ $ 846

≈ $ 1347


≈ $ 249

≈ $ 472

≈ $ 1126

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CertiPur-US Certified!

Our Mattresses are certified Flexible polyurethane foam. Meaning that our Mattresses have been tested to meet the rigorous standards for emissons, content, performance, and durability. Specifically, the foam is: Made without ozone deleters. Made without PBGDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants!


Frequently asked questions

We have the perfect tool for you here →

We recommend giving it a a few weeks to a month to allow your body to fully disperse the years of muscle tension (especially if it is your first time on a Gel Mattress). However our amazing customer service team is here to help you as well!

Yes, we highly recommend having a foundation as keeping any mattress on the floor for long periods of time will start to build mold, Good News is that our Dynasty Beds can be used with any foundation!

The weight is dependent on the size and thickness of the mattress, however they are generally 30-100 pounds and comes compressed and vacuum sealed neatly into a compact box, making it a breeze to move around the house!

Not necessarily, as all of our mattresses have an easy access cover zipper to machine wash the covers, But we do suggest rotating the mattress every 1-3 years to maintain it's peak performance!