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D7500s Adjustable Bed Base

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Easy Packaging

Easy Packaging

All of our Heavy Duty, High Quality Bases, comes pre-assembled in a box and will take under a minute to install! So Simple just tighten the legs and plug into an outlet and done!

Extended 10 Years Parts and Labor Warranty

Extended 10 Years Parts and Labor Warranty

Enjoy sleeping knowing that we got you covered with our honest 10 year parts and labor warranty! Also Included is our 25 Year Limited Warranty for the Frame!

Easy Packaging


One of the oldest mattress companies comparing to other name brands who are only half our age and experience. We were founded in 2007 with a single mission to bring quality to all.

Easy Packaging

Direct to Consumer

We are the manufacturer of our Adjustable Bases and Mattresses which allows us to go direct to consumer at a lower price point!

Easy Packaging

White Glove Service Option!

We offer an additional option for everyone where you do not have to worry about carrying, setup, cleaning, your new adjustable base! They will do everything for you!

Product Specifics

  • Innovative Elevation Lift - Newest innovative technology by elevating the frame to any comfortable position. Designed to reduce heart burn and acid reflux. 
  • Head and foot can be elevated to virtually any angle, allowing maximum comfort all common and unique sleepers
  • Head/ Pillow Tilt - Must have feature for an independent control of the pillow tilt. Best used for; Reading | TV | Phone Usage | Tablet | Laptops etc. Simply giving you that extra level of comfort you deserve.
  • Wireless Remote Easy-to-use battery powered wireless remote, or you can control your base with our App for Android & IOS.
  • Dual Massage - Located at the upper & lower body for a full body massage or for isolated areas. 
  • Massage Timers Set 10, 20, or 30 minute massage timers as you ease into a relaxing sleep.
  • Massage Intensities -  More control over your personalized comfort, by adjustable massage levels.
  • Zero Gravity - A position recommended by NASA to promote deep relaxation by putting zero pressure on your joints and muscle and keeping a safe spinal posture
  • Underbed Lighting - A calm cool under-the-bed lighting feature that assists in guiding you around the room at night without turning on the lights and disturbing your partner.
  • 2 Customizable Memory Presets - allows you to have consistent good night’s rest with your favorite positions made specifically for you
  • Furniture Decking Style adds a sleek and elevated look that can be used without a bed frame

NEW 2020! Dynasty Mattress D7500s Adjustable Bed Base with elevation lift, this new innovative technology of having a personal lift for your bed to help relieve Heart Burn and Acid Reflux ( Please consult with your Doctor/ Physician ). FEATURES: Elevation lift, Quad Massage, Massage timers, Massage Intensity, Head and Foot Articulation. Wireless Remote, 2 Different Memory Presets for you to set of your own choice, Zero Gravity, UnderBed Lighting, USB Ports. MATTRESS: ntroducing the NEW 15.5-inch Grand AtlantisBreeze Memory Foam Mattress taking memory foam comfort to the next generation! Made with 6-layer construction: 1.5" HD Plush Memory Foam, 2" HD Comfort Memory Foam, 2" Comfort memory foam, 2" HD Memory Foam, 2" Cool airflow and 6" foam for ultimate support base! Infused gel beads into premium memory foam; provides the ultimate solution, combining comfort, support pressure relief and improved airflow for a cooler night's sleep! Rating: MEDIUM-SOFT

Split King: (2 pieces Twin XL-Each W38"x L80" -  Both W76"X80" - 375 lbs).

Queen: (1 piece  W60"x L80" -  250 lbs).

Product Dimensions in Inches W"x L" x H"

Size: Dimensions Package Dimensions Weight
King: 76" x 80" 42" x 22" x 22" 120 lbs
Queen: 60" x 80" 64" x 16" x 16" 100 lbs
Full: 54" x 74" 58" x 15" x 15" 65 lbs
Twin XL: 38" x 80" 42" x 16" x 16" 50 lbs
Twin: 38" x 74" 42" x 15" x 15" 58 lbs
Split CalKing: 72" x 84" 40" x 15" x 15" (x2 pieces) 50 lbs
RV Queen: 60" x 75" 63" x 14" x 14" 60 lbs

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Gel Memory Foam Mattress in Light Room with Blankets | Dynasty Mattress

CertiPur-US Certified!

Our Mattresses are certified Flexible polyurethane foam. Meaning that our Mattresses have been tested to meet the rigorous standards for emissons, content, performance, and durability. Specifically, the foam is: Made without ozone deleters. Made without PBGDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants!


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Recomendamos darle de algunas semanas a un mes para permitir que su cuerpo disperse por completo los años de tensión muscular (especialmente si es su primera vez en un colchón de gel). ¡Sin embargo, nuestro increíble equipo de servicio al cliente también está aquí para ayudarlo!

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