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5 Facts You Didn't Know About Memory Foam Mattress for RV's

RV mattresses are notoriously bad, and there’s no surprise in this: RV mattresses are made to be light, so RV manufacturers scrimp on the weight of the mattress and often give you a cheap, foam mattress that doesn’t give any support and makes you feel like you’re lying on a piece of plywood. So what’s the solution? Memory foam mattresses for RVs are a particularly good alternative: they’re made specifically for RVs so they fit the right sizes, they don’t keep you up all night sweating, they don’t break the bank, they give you as good a night’s sleep as if you were home in your very own bed, and they don’t add significantly more weight to the RV. 


Memory Foam Mattresses Are Made Specifically For RV’s Unique Sizes


RV mattresses are smaller than standard mattresses. This is for two reasons: first, because RV manufacturers are trying to cut weight wherever possible, and mattresses are heavy, and second, because in an RV space is at a premium, so if they can cut off six or eight inches here or there, they’ll do it to add space to the kitchen or living areas. 

You might not think that you’ll be able to find a memory foam mattress that’s made to fit an RV, but you absolutely can. Now, we’re not talking about anything extreme: one website on the internet suggests taking an electric knife to your memory foam mattress to make it fit. But the truth is that you can buy mattresses straight off the shelf that are designed to fit an RV. These are often referred to as a “Short Queen”, or an “RV Queen” mattress, and they are made to fit the specifications of an RV. 

Check out Dynasty Mattress for sizes that will fit your RV.

Memory Foam Mattresses For RVs Don’t Have to Make You Sweat All Night


Memory foam is designed to conform to your body, which is how it gets its name: it holds the “memory” of your body so you fit into it like a glove. (Side note: did you know that memory foam was invented by NASA to give better cushioning to astronaut seats?) But because memory foam mattresses are so form-fitting, it can be easy to get swallowed up in them and sweat. Memory foam has a bad reputation of making you sweat all night, and no wonder--you’re wrapped up in a cocoon. 

But you don’t have to sweat all night. With patented technology that combines gel with memory foam, Dynasty Mattress gives you the best of both worlds. You get the cuddlesome aspect of the memory foam, which is extremely comfortable, but you also get the cooling effect of the gel, which releases heat away from your body. So you don’t need to trade off the cushioning comfort for lack of heat: you can get both.

Memory Foam Mattresses For RVs Are More Affordable Than You Might Think


Memory foam mattresses can range from the high to very high ends of the market, and that might worry you as you look to replace your terrible RV mattress with a memory foam RV mattress. But you don’t need to fear. Recent innovations in memory foam technology, as well as Dynasty Mattresses low, low prices, give you the chance to get a gel memory foam mattress for as little as under $200. Yes, you read that right: a gel memory foam mattress for far less than you’d pay most retailers for even a standard memory foam mattress. 

Memory Foam Mattresses For RVs Can Give You As Good a Night’s Sleep As If You Were Home in Bed


You might think that just because you’re in an RV, in a campground or on the side of the road, you have to rough it. But the RV gel memory foam mattresses that Dynasty Mattress offers are identical in every way to the standard gel memory foam mattresses that we make for home use. The only difference is that RV mattresses are made to fit a smaller space. So the ability to get a good night’s sleep in a gel memory foam RV mattress is just the same as if you were snuggled home in your bed. There really is no difference!


Memory Foam Mattresses for RVs Add a Little Weight to Your RV--But Not as Much as You Think


The reason that RV manufacturers give you cheap flimsy mattresses is because they want to cut down on the overall weight of the RV, because every bit of weight on board is weight that you need to tow, from the body of the RV to the mattress to the food in the fridge. So they skimp where they can--which is often the mattress. But adding a gel memory foam mattress to your RV doesn’t really increase the weight significantly. A Dynasty Mattress Short Queen can be as low as 60 lbs, and when the entire weight of your RV averages around 10,000 pounds, it’s easy to see that 60 lbs can be just a drop in the bucket of that overall weight. Sure, it may be 40 or 30 pounds more than the flimsy mattress you’ve gotten standard with your RV, but it’s not going to break the scales to upgrade to a better mattress.


Memory foam mattresses often get a bad rep with RVs, because they weigh more and are believed not to fit perfectly. But you can get a good night’s sleep that’s just as good as what you get at home--especially without the sweatiness of a standard memory foam when you use a gel memory foam--all without breaking the bank, or the scales.


What kind of mattress will you be using in your RV?

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