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What Kind of Mattress is Best for Camping?

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We’re going to give you a hint up front here: there’s a clear winner to this question. We’re going to discuss a few of the other options first, but when it comes down to it, you’ll find that there’s no better mattress than the Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

What is the most comfortable mattress to sleep on while camping?

We’ll be up front here. If you do a search for the best camping mattress, the first Google result that you’re going to get is for an air mattress. It’s a very good self-inflating air mattress with an accompanying pillow. 

And while it might be the best air mattress for camping, we really have to wonder if that actually makes it the best mattress for camping overall. The best air mattress is only so good.

So what other options are there? When a lot of people go camping, they find that the best mattress for car camping is not a mattress at all, but just a bunch of layers of blankets laid down on the floor of the tent below the poor campers. And this can offer some amount of comfort–it’s certainly better than sleeping flat on the hard ground (that probably has roots and rocks poking up). 

Of course, you can buy special mattresses–non-air mattresses–just for camping. But these aren’t really mattresses. They’re sleeping pads. They do the bare minimum. 

They provide you with a little bit of protection from all the sharp things trying to poke you in the back, and they make it so that you can get a little more rest than if you were just going to sleep with no cushioning. 

But they don’t offer support to any pressure points—in fact, you’ll almost certainly wake up with sharp pains in your hips, knees and shoulders from where you’ve been digging into the earth. They’re not ideal. 

So is there a best car camping mattress? Hard to say. The options seem to be pretty universally either air mattresses or thin foam pads. And, as we’ve said, both of those are kind of weak. 

What is the most comfortable thing to sleep on while camping?

Here’s where we get to it. You’re never going to get a better night’s sleep while camping than if you are sleeping in a camper, and if you’re sleeping on a Gel Memory Foam mattress. 

What is a Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

By now, most people know what memory foam is. It is a substance that was developed by NASA to make sure that the astronauts’ seats had the proper cushioning, and then it was introduced to the worldwide market. Memory foam is called “memory foam” because you press into it, and it leaves an impression, like a memory. 

The big benefit of this, and the reason that memory foam is so popular, is that memory foam conforms to your body. When you lay down on a memory foam mattress, every part of your body is supported, not just the pressure points. It’s like you have a perfect hole to snuggle down in that is the exact size of your body. 

Now, you may have noticed the big problem with memory foam (and odds are good that if you’ve slept on memory foam you’ve experienced this first hand). When you are so completely absorbed into a memory foam mattress, wrapped up in all its comfortable goodness, you are going to sweat. 

It’s just not breathable. You sleep hot. It’s a wonderful technology, but that’s a limitation that you just can’t look past. And it’s caused people to pass up the memory foam mattress in favor of something else.

But: Dynasty Mattress has developed a technology that solves this problem. And it’s the Gel Memory Foam mattress. With a Gel Memory Foam mattress, a layer of gel is infused into the foam, and that gel helps to disperse the heat that you feel. It’s a cooling gel that keeps you comfortable, no matter how snug you are in your memory foam. 

So, the answer to the question of “What’s the best mattress for camping?” is a Gel Memory Foam mattress from Dynasty Mattress. 

How do I make camping more comfortable?

Well, the answer there is simple. Obviously, unless you’ve got a big truck, you can’t haul your Gel Memory Foam mattress to the campsite. So, you need a camper. And let us tell you: a Gel Memory Foam mattress combined with the comfort of a camper is a match made in heaven.

Don’t think that having a camper by itself is going to solve your comfort problems! Campers are notorious for coming with some of the worst mattresses you can imagine, because the camper salesperson is trying to tell you how little the camper weighs. So the mattresses are little more than foam rubber. 

That’s why the best camper mattress is a Gel Memory Foam mattress that you bring into your camper. And whether your camper fits a queen sized mattress, or an RV queen (note: there are different RV mattress sizes for campers) it will be comfortable in all sleeping positions. These hybrid mattresses–memory foam and gel–are the best sleeping surface. 

Far better than inflating a camping air bed. Even better than an innerspring mattress, the regular mattresses you may have back home. And, of course, these are far better than camping pads. 

So What Is the Best Camping Mattress?

The answer, whether you’re a hot sleeper, a stomach sleeper, someone who needs your spine aligned, or any other kind of sleeper, is not to pitch a tent and hope you don’t get a pinecone in the back. The answer is to sleep easy in your camper with a Gel Memory Foam mattress from Dynasty Mattress. 

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