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What You Need To Know About Crib Mattresses

Andrea Reyes

Most people love babies, and that's almost always the case... except for when it's bedtime. If you struggle with how to get your baby to sleep better, know that you are not alone. A sleeping newborn can be a challenge to accomplish consistently, but the experience is just as peaceful once you achieve it. Here is what you should know about gel-based baby mattresses, and how they can help improve your baby's sleep quality,

What Is Gel Memory Foam?

To understand how gel sleep products offer value to toddler sleep, let's first explore how the technology really works. At its core, gel memory foam is a type of material that strives to improve on the conventional utility of regular memory foam products.

How It's Made

At scale, this material is always made the same way, and its quite similar to the process of making normal memory foam. To create gel-memory foam products, key chemical components are added to polyurethane foam in order to create a viscoelastic foam. This resulting material is very sensitive to any applied pressure, but also reforms into its natural shape quickly.

Instead of ending the process at this point, gel technology is then injected into the upper layer of the material. These often include gel particles or beads, which are intrinsically or functionally able to regulate their own temperature. When it gets too hot, this material can exert a lasting cooling effect to keep your toddler comfy and relaxed throughout the night.

The Baby Benefits of Gel

Now that we have an understanding of how gel-memory foam works, let's dive deeper into the reasons why it's an effective material for crib mattresses. Together we'll discover how a gel-based mattress improves critical aspects of sleep, ultimately resulting in better nights for your child.

Cooling Technology

Our gel memory foam mattresses are designed to keep your toddler cool and comfortable all night long. Typical memory foam, on the other hand, traps body heat due to its closed-cell structure. In many ways, gel memory foam is more refreshing than traditional options. As we discussed, the beads inside gel-centric materials work to alter the bed's temperature according to what is going on around them.

Whether you like your bed to be cold or warm, gel-foam mattresses are perfect for either condition.Your baby will always have a good night's rest when they're sleeping on a Dynasty Mattress - and so will you!


Another baby-centric advantage of gel memory foam is its longevity. Being a parent can be expensive, and some people don't have the budget to buy a new crib or mattress for their child every year! That's why our gel-foam baby sleep products are some of the most durable on the market, and meaning you can afford to invest in your child's health for the long term.

We've achieved this level of durability through that unique gel-layer near the upper part of our material. Since it provides a higher level of bounce, our gel mattresses can maintain structural integrity much longer than usual.

Exceptional Comfort

Since it is still a type of memory foam, gel sleep products like a crib mattress are also able to offer that trademark softness and comfort everyone knows and loves! It creates a cozy yet firm experience that promotes deep and meaningful sleep.

Beyond simply the feeling of comfort, gel crib mattresses provide actual comfort-driven support for your child as well. This is the result of the viscoelastic material we talked about earlier, and how its bouncy nature can offer stability for the unique contour of your baby's body. Ultimately, this helps prevent any unwanted interruptions during the night by preventing aches and pains that might otherwise arise. It truly does offer the optimal sleep environment.

Wrapping Up

Sleep is more important to a growing toddler than it is for anyone else in life - it's the fuel driving all development, both mental and physical. That's why we firmly believe every baby deserves a dedicated, specialized mattress that caters to their unique sleep needs. Crib mattresses, especially gel-based ones, can improve your baby’s sleep quality by creating an environment that's optimized for peaceful rest. 

Our mission has always been to create great sleep products that are available to everyone - and that includes toddlers. With a high quality collection of affordable items, come check out Dynasty Mattress and our crib mattress products today.

Find out what your toddler has been missing out on.

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