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How Long Does a Memory Foam Mattress Last?

Memory Foam Mattress Life Expectancy A typical memory foam mattress lasts about as long as regular spring or hybrid mattresses, approximately eight to ten years, depending on how well they’re...

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Are All Adjustable Bed Bases the Same?

Many factors play into making a quality, stylish adjustable bed base, everything from assembly to movement to accessories. For every basic model there is a luxury competitor—and everything in between....

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How to Setup the DM9000s Adjustable Bed Base Tutorial

Welcome to Our Tutorial on how to setup the best overall adjustable bed base!  We will have downloadable links for the manuals available for you as well.   Installation Guide...

Adjustable beds

What is the Best Adjustable Bed?

What Is an Adjustable Bed?   An adjustable bed is, simply put, a bed that adjusts to fit your body. But this is far different from a mattress that cradles...

Frequently asked questions

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We recommend giving it a a few weeks to a month to allow your body to fully disperse the years of muscle tension (especially if it is your first time on a Gel Mattress). However our amazing customer service team is here to help you as well!

Yes, we highly recommend having a foundation as keeping any mattress on the floor for long periods of time will start to build mold, Good News is that our Dynasty Beds can be used with any foundation!

The weight is dependent on the size and thickness of the mattress, however they are generally 30-100 pounds and comes compressed and vacuum sealed neatly into a compact box, making it a breeze to move around the house!

Not necessarily, as all of our mattresses have an easy access cover zipper to machine wash the covers, But we do suggest rotating the mattress every 1-3 years to maintain it's peak performance!