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Can You Add a Bed Frame Headboard to an Adjustable Base?

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Do you have a bed frame for an adjustable base and are looking for a headboard?

Most headboards are fully compatible with adjustable bed bases, but you need to check some details below before adding any headboards to your shopping cart.

The compatibility of a headboard with a base depends mostly on its brackets: which are either bolt-on or hook-on — however, some don’t even have brackets and you need to buy them separately.

To make sense of all this confusion about adjustable bed frames, brackets, and headboards, read the guide below.

You’ll learn about each type of bracket and how to install your headboard correctly.


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Are adjustable bed bases compatible with headboards?


Yes! Most models can have a headboard attached without much stress.

It’s important before you purchase the headboard though to check if your bed with an adjustable base has pre-installed brackets for the board.

Many newer frames have these brackets included, but in case not, you’ll need to purchase brackets for the headboard yourself.

You can contact the manufacturer of the adjustable bed base for advice on what brackets to buy. Many headboard suppliers can also help you out with this task, with some even offering a technician to come to your house to install the headboard for you!


What size headboard should I get?


It’s important to also consider the size of the headboard compared with the bed frame. An oversized headboard will look strange and out-of-place.

The ideal is to find a good ratio, so that the headboard looks like a natural addition and not something you installed haphazardly later.

So, check the measurements of the headboard and with a tape, simulate how it would look with your bed.

Will it be too short? Or too tall? Finding the perfect ratio does require patience, but it’s worth doing this measurement exercise before purchasing the headboard to avoid disappointments.


Bolt or hook brackets



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There are two types of brackets to attach your headboard: bolt-on or hook-on.

The type of bracket matters because bed frames with bolt-on brackets require a compatible headboard — the same goes for the hooks (they aren’t interchangeable).

So, check the bed frame and headboard brackets before you make your purchase. If you’re in doubt, always ask your manufacturer.


Why install a headboard on an adjustable bed frame?


There are many reasons why a headboard is a great addition to your bed frame. One of them is for posture.

With a headboard, you can sit upright (with the help of cushions) for reading or even working on your laptop. For people that like to spend the day laying on bed, a headboard provides more comfort.


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Also, a headboard can be installed for decorative reasons. It provides personality and an ambiance to your bed, making it go beyond a simple mattress in your living room. The headboard can even be painted to pair with the rest of your bedroom’s decorations.


So, although many mattresses nowadays come without a headboard, there are reasons to desire one for your bed — and adding one to your bed can be a simple “bolt or snap-on” process.


How to install a headboard to your adjustable bed base


If you wish to install a headboard on your adjustable bed frame, follow the steps below:


#1 Identify if the frame has bolt or hook brackets


As mentioned before, you need to check the frame for brackets. If it has them, you need to check if they are bolt-on or hook-on. Then, buy a compatible headboard.

If you have questions, ask the headboard or bed frame manufacturer.

In case the bed frame has no brackets, you’ll need to purchase them separately. The good thing of not having pre-included brackets is you can choose any headboard you like (and then buy the compatible bolt-on/ hook-on brackets).


#2 Prepare the room for installing the headboard


It's hard to install a headboard in a cramped space. Move around furniture and place the frame in the middle of the room, so you have space to install it.

Ask another person to help you out, because headboards can be heavy and you can hurt yourself if you try to install one alone.

In case you think you’ll have trouble with installation, many headboard sellers offer technicians that can go to your home to install it. Depending on your budget, this might be the best option.

If you have a spring mattress, be careful when moving it around to not damage its coils.


#3 Attach the frame to the brackets


Now it’s time for the installation itself.

If you don’t have brackets already included with the frame, you’ll have to put them now:

  1. Fasten the brackets onto the frame following their instruction manual
  2. Brackets should stay at least 1.5 inch from the edges of the bed frame (this avoids the headboard from scratching the wall)
  3. Tighten the brackets, either by tightening the bolts with a wrench or fastening the hooks

If the bed frame contains brackets, you’ll only need to follow the third item from the list above.


#4 Test if the headboard is secure


Now you need to put the headboard to the test. Check if the bolts or hooks are really tightened and then give the headboard a good old shake.

It shouldn’t be wobbly and stay in place. If you notice a wobble, get back to the brackets and tighten them. Measure them again to certify at least 1.5 inch from the edges of the frame.

Once you’ve guaranteed it’s safe, you’re ready to enjoy your bed with its brand-new headboard!


Adjustable bases compatible with headboards


If you’re looking for an adjustable bed frame that is compatible with a headboard, check out our collection.

Adjustable mattresses with memory foam or gel and bedframes with bluetooth speakers or remote-controlled height — some even have massage motors.


Adjustable Bed Package Including Remotes, Mattress, and Bed Base | Dynasty Mattress

You’re guaranteed to find the adjustable bed base that will match perfectly your headboard. And there are options for single mattresses, king, and queen size.

So, if you’re looking for an adjustable bed base, you’ll find one that’ll be perfect for your bedroom at the link below:

Shop adjustable bases

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