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The Value of Adjustable Bases

Thomas Nguyen

The time we spend sleeping is meant to be a peaceful, restorative experience. Unfortunately, too many of us wake up the next day with aching back pain, sore shoulders, and a not-so-peaceful attitude. That’s where the adjustable base comes in. Let’s find out just how much  value this powerful mattress add-on can bring

What It Is

Before we dive into the many benefits that an adjustable base can offer to you, we should take a moment to first understand how they differ from the typical mattress. Your ordinary mattress is a static object; it's likely composed of either springs, foam, or some combination of those materials. While it may be comfortable to lay on, that's as far as it goes! Its static nature means that it'll stay in that same, linear shape forever. Adjustable bases change the whole game.

At their core, adjustable bases are essentially a type of motorized foundation for your bed.They allow you to customize the angle and positioning of the head, foot, and even other parts of your mattress. For some context, many adjustable bases can raise the head of a mattress to anywhere between 58 to 80 degrees. Similarly, the feet (for units that adjust both) can be adjusted to between 30 to 45 degrees, depending on the model.

By adapting your bed to the unique contour of your back and body, an adjustable base is able to optimize the sleeping experience and promote a comfortable and restful night, every night. The best part is that you get the best of both worlds. Not only can you find an adjustable base that's compatible with nearly every type of traditional mattress (ex. memory foam, innerspring), but you're also reaping the major benefit of enjoying a customized sleep environment.

Why It's Worth It

The primary value that an adjustable base offers is quite simple: more support means more comfort. It's like getting a suit or dress that's been tailored to your exact specifications: it just feels better because it fits better. Because they can be tweaked to your individual sleeping style and precise measurements, adjustable bases are able to alleviate pressure on your spine and other areas of your body that could potentially cause you pain. That means waking up feeling more refreshed, recharged, and ready for your day. For those who already struggle with back pain, achy mornings, and sore shoulders, this could transform your quality of sleep.

But that's not where the value ends — let's explore how else this game-changing mattress add-on can elevate your nights and help you achieve more restorative sleep.

Alleviate Snoring

One of the more overlooked benefits that an adjustable base offers is that it can actually alleviate snoring! By raising the head of your bed by just 20 or 30 degrees, your airways are given the room they need to rise and fall without disturbing the muscles in your nose and mouth. In fact, an academic study found that two out of three snorers experienced an improvement in their symptoms after getting an adjustable base.

Lessens Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Another value-add that adjustable bases bring to the table is their ability to reduce the effects of acid reflux and heartburn. Digestive stress can be a painful and frustrating experience, especially when you're trying to get some rest. Many times, it'll feel impossible to fall asleep if you're dealing with a burning pain in your chest every few minutes. Adjustable bases solve this issue — the elevated upper body actually prevents stomach acid from flowing back up into your esophagus!

Freedom in the Bedroom

The next key benefit of an adjustable base is a powerful one: independence to sleep the way you want to. If you share your bed with someone, a traditional mattress offers no sense of autonomy. You're both sleeping on the same, linear bed. However, many adjustable bases now offer sleepers the ability to tweak each side of their mattress individually. That means you can have your head and feet at the perfect angle that suits you, and your partner can do the same! Everyone wins.

Do More Than Just Sleep

Finally, adjustable bases can transform your bedroom into more than just a place where you sleep. Typically, it becomes a taxing and often aching endeavor trying to read a book or get some work done in your bed. You have to place your pillow in the perfect position to prevent soreness, and then constantly keep adjusting it when it starts to sink down. With an adjustable base, however, your bedroom becomes a versatile environment. You can raise the head to the ideal angle when the game's on, lower it slightly when you're on your laptop, and finally revert to your original sleeping position once it's time for bed. Enjoy a robust experience that goes beyond just sleep when you get an adjustable base.

Wrapping Up

There's no question that adjustable bases elevate the quality of your sleep in countless ways. Beyond the primary benefit of optimized support and maximum comfort, they also produce a variety of health and lifestyle benefits that you simply can't get with a standard mattress. \

That's why our team at Dynasty Mattress works hard to craft the highest quality bases that cater to all types of sleep styles and situations. What's better is that we're committed to maintaining our dedication to quality at the best prices, because we all deserve to sleep soundly.

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