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Zero Gravity: The Perks of Having Adjustable Bed Bases

Thomas Nguyen

Anyone who has slept on a quality adjustable bed will tell you: it is an entirely different sleeping experience. It simply doesn’t compare to a traditional bed on a traditional mattress. A better night’s sleep, feeling better the next morning, full independence to get in and out of bed when you want to, extra features to make the bed something special, a great warranty, and even a massage.

You might say that it’s like sleeping in zero gravity. No pain points when you wake up in the morning, no aches and sore muscles. You feel like you’re sleeping on air, but that’s the secret: you’re not sleeping on air, you’re just sleeping in the position that your body is most wanting to sleep in. When your adjustable bed adjusts to your body, your spine and lumbar are in the right places, your backside is in the right place, your knees and neck perfect. It’s just an ideal night’s sleep. 

But those aren’t all of the benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed base. We’re going to get into all of the things that an adjustable bed has to offer that you’ll never get from a traditional bed. And once you try it, you’ll never go back.

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The Benefits of an Adjustable Bed Base

Pain Relief

When you sleep on a traditional mattress with a traditional mattress frame, you inevitably are met with pain points: the places where your body presses down into something hard beneath you. It may be your hip or your shoulder or your knee, but something is going to be pressing down somewhere. Even if you get a better mattress, it’s still going to be a problem because the bed is simply a big flat surface that is being held up on a big flat hard surface. 

Yes, better mattresses will help, but they won’t solve the problem, and when you’re dealing with chronic back issues, or arthritis or even just inflammation from your joints and muscles, no amount of cushioning is going to make the pain go away: you simply need to sleep in a different (and better) position. 

We’re not just talking about elderly people here or people with chronic diseases or injuries. An adjustable bed will solve the problems of a young and healthy marathon runner just as effectively, or make a weightlifter get the strain off of muscles that have been stretched and are hurting. Anyone, young or old, healthy or sick, will get pain relief from an adjustable bed.

And why is that? It’s because there are certain positions that are better for your body than others. Not every part of your body weighs the same amount, not every part of your body is the same size, and not every part of your body has the same blood flow. So if you take that body, and put it in an adjustable bed frame--one that can adjust for the tilt of your neck, the height of your knees, and the weight of your body--then you are automatically going to get a better night’s sleep.

Think of an adjustable bed as the foam cases that cradle camera equipment: the foam is form-fit to every inch of the camera so that when the case is moved and jostled in transit the camera will not move. It is perfectly positioned. That is what an adjustable bed aims to do: to be that perfect carrying case for your body, cradling you so that not one inch of you is out of place.


With all of that said, is it any wonder that the bed is not only going to relieve pain but just be unbelievably comfortable? And we’re not just talking about while you’re sleeping, but whenever you’re in your bed, whether you’re propped up to watch TV or read a book, or reclined to lay in bed and talk to your partner. An adjustable bed means comfort.

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There are different times of day when you’re going to want to be in different positions, and an adjustable bed can accommodate all of them. When you think of an adjustable bed, get the image of a hospital bed out of your mind: these adjustable beds are not hospital beds that simply bend at the waist, raising your legs or raising your upper body. No, the best adjustable beds will bend for your feet, your knees, your waist, your back, and your neck. 

Think of it: you may not imagine that you need an adjustable bed that moves your neck, but it provides so much comfort when you are sitting up and reading or watching television. What you would normally try to do by cramming extra pillows beneath your head you can do with the push of a button, and suddenly your head is up and perfectly cushioned.

An adjustable bed base is an investment in your comfort, because it is comfortable above all else. It give you the best night’s sleep that it’s possible to get because your body is in the best position that it’s possible to be in. An adjustable bed simply is comfort.


It may sound strange to think that a bed can give you independence, but if you have ever lived with a major injury, a chronic pain, or severe arthritis or lack of muscle mass, you will know that the mere act of getting in and out of bed can seem impossible. The best adjustable beds are built to accommodate this: they have settings built right into the programming that raise your body and your head, that lower your legs, that ease you into the position of sitting up. The adjustable bed gives you independence because it helps you get up and about your life when you before may have needed the help of someone else to do it.

The adjustable bed also gives you independence because it turns your bed not just into a place to sleep, but a place where you can sit up, read a book, do a crossword puzzle, and, best of all, entertain guests. One of the most frustrating things about being stuck in bed is that when people come over to visit you you have to crane your neck to see them. You’re stuck staring at the ceiling while they’re looking at you. With an adjustable bed, your head is lifted up so that it’s like you’re sitting properly. You can be an active part of the conversation and actually talk to the people who are around you--not the people who are talking above you.

Further, an adjustable bed gives you independence because it has so many features. We’ll get into the details of the features of an adjustable bed in a moment below, but suffice it to say that an adjustable bed can charge your phone, can light your room, can move you with the touch of a button--or even the sound of your voice. 

Adjustable Bed Base Features

Modern adjustable beds are so much more than just mattresses that move up and down. They are made with so many conveniences built in to make your rest more comfortable, your movement easier, and your needs met. 

Under Bed Light

Many adjustable bed bases have lights built into the bottom, so that your floor is illuminated (it can be turned off if you don’t want it). This means that you will never have to worry about stepping on something in the dark, tripping on the dog, or stumbling as you try to get your feet under you. It may not seem like much, but having the added feature of an under bed light is a wonderful benefit of an adjustable bed.

Programmable Positions

The makers of the best adjustable bed bases know that it’s hard to find just the right position, so when you find that sweet spot, you’re not going to want to give it up. If you’re sleeping in a perfect setting, and you have to get up in the middle of the night, do you want to have to manually change all of the movements of the adjustable bed--the feet, the knees, the back, the head--only to come back from the bathroom minutes later and have to manually rearrange everything? No! And you don’t have to.

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An adjustable bed has programmable positions so that when you find that perfect spot, that ideal adjustment of your body, you simply save it in the controls and it will always be remembered. You can have a setting for sleep, a setting for reading, a setting for sitting up, a setting for laying flat. After all, this is an adjustable bed base, so if you’re not adjusting it, then what’s the point?

USB Connections

This may seem like a little thing when you read it, but when you’ve got it on your bed you’re going to love it. How many times does your cellphone power cord go missing? You plug it into a socket in a different room, or you’ve taken it with you in your backpack or purse, and now it’s gone. Well, the best adjustable beds have USB ports built into them so that you can always plug your phone in simply by reaching down to the base of your bed. No searching for an outlet behind the end table or hidden behind the bed itself. You’ve got it taken care of.

Controlled by Your Phone

Forget about the days when adjustable beds were controlled by a big plastic paddle with large arrows and thick cord that connected it to the underside of the bed. Your adjustable bed is now an app on your phone. You always have your phone with you, always within arm’s reach. You can go to the adjustable bed base app and access all the features of your bed, from the movement to the light to the massage, all with a few swipes on your phone (iOS or Android). 

Is an Adjustsable Bed Good for Your Back?

Built in Massage

Adjustable beds have massagers built into them, and you’re going to love it. Forget everything you think you know about a bed massage: this isn’t just a bed that vibrates. This is a bed that gives you a complete, relaxing massage that is as desired by an 85 year old retiree as it is by a 25 year old jogger. The massage will relax those muscles, ease your pains. And then, once the massage is over, you simply adjust the settings and you either get up to get out of bed and face your day, or you get the best night’s sleep ever. 

Great Warranties


At Dynasty Mattress, we have an extended 10 years parts and labor warranty on our select adjustable bed bases. So not only does the bed bring comfort to your body, but it brings comfort to your mind. You don’t have to invest in a major purchase and then suddenly be faced with daunting repairs. And, obviously you can’t haul a broken adjustable bed to a shop to get it fixed so if the problem is covered under warranty we come right to your home, get into that bed frame, and fix the problem. It’s a promise. 

White Glove Service

White Glove Delivery Service | Dynasty Mattress



Not convinced yet? Dynasty Mattress’s adjustable bed bases can come with White Glove Service if you request it. This means that you won’t have to lift a finger getting the bed carried into your home, positioned where you want it, making sure everything works, and cleaning up all the mess before we go. Everything is done for you!


With all of these benefits of an adjustable bed, there’s no surprise that it’s a Zero Gravity experience. When you’re sleeping in a Dynasty Mattress adjustable bed base, it’s the perfect sleeping experience--like you’re floating in air. 

Think of it all. Your pains: relieved. Your comfort: assured. Your sleep: improved (dramatically). You get all the features. You get the massage. And you get all of it in a worry-free way because you don’t have to fret about problems with the bed, and, if you choose, you don’t even have to set it up.

When you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep, look no further than an adjustable bed base. And when you’re trying to get an adjustable bed base, look no further than Dynasty Mattress.


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